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just-an-overachieving-sidekick said:  Oops! Me again! When I said "The Debt" I was meaning at the end of that two parter so technically speaking, final answer: The Debt II :)

Oh well thank you! And thanks everyone who kindly answered me :) 
It really took a while until Xena finally said it, huh? I mean, she clearly wanted to since “The Price”, at least. 


I’m shocked I’ve never asked myself that before and now I can’t remember:
when did Xena first say “I love you” to Gabrielle and vice versa?

Oh, my heart.


Why is no one talking about this?

I would hate to put faith into this Xena movie stuff and be disappointed afterwards so I’d rather talk about this interview’s flirtatious vibe. I missed your gay, Lucy.


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What happened to http://miroirdarc.com/xwp/scaps/ ? Where should I go for nice screencaps now?




Renee O’Connor directing Dangerous Prey 6x11

Jesus, Ren, why so good looking?

That’s just the evil me talking but 

I feel really unconfortable when people try to create a ship name for Xena and Gabrielle after all this time. It’s “Xena/Gabrielle” and there’s nothing wrong with it, you people. Stop it and enjoy the feels.